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    The Scientific committee invites the submission of abstracts to be considered for oral and poster presentations.

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    Deadline for Submission is 31 October 2017
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Information on Asthma; Brochures, Diary Cards, Latest Scientific Studies, Reports and much more! All Available at the click of a button...

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Treatment Guidelines for Asthma and Expert Opinions. Get Certified in Asthma Care with Accredited Workshops and more...

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A Portal between Students and Facilitators. This platform was created in order to simplify Asthma Tution and Awareness Training.

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Take a look at the publicity that has very kindly been afforded to the NAEP over the last Years from Press Releases, Reports & Videos...

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  • Asthmasa.org Goes Live!

    A Portal is Born: " Welcome to the new Home of the NAEP©, A Online Portal meant for more! Using the latest and greatest, we endevour to provide easy access to our Asthma Knowledge Base "

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    Medical Professionals: " Join our Professional Membership database Today and have access to Critical Up To Date Information, Discussions and Newletters all through our Professional Portal! "

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    The NAEP Campus: " Once enrolled for any of the Asthma Certification Courses that the NAEP provides you will be assigned a student number which can be used to interact in the Student Portal. "

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    Articles, Radio Interviews & Videos: " information on Asthma and how to manage it better through the use of Medication, Medical Advice and More. We will equip you with the information needed! "

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